Monday, June 23, 2014

Who Will Step Up?

This weekend a sweet dear lady passed away.  She was a faithful member of our church. She loved everyone and never said a cross word about anyone that I heard.  I had the privilege to sit with her through her rehab and visit with her several times.  There were two things she loved to do more than anything.  That was read her Bible especially to others, and to sing about Jesus.  Through all the pain and hard times, I saw her do these two things constantly.  She was a perfect example on how to be loving, patient, and humble.

I loved this woman very much, but I am not sad she has passed away. I hurt for the family, knowing that they feel a loss.  Our church will feel the loss of this wonderful saint.  But as I keep thinking about the future without her, I keep having one constant thought. Who will step up and take her place down here on Earth?

 She was such a Godly example, and I don't feel like I will ever be able to live up to her example, but I will try. This world needs people who will pray and love like Jesus did. She prayed constantly and talked about Jesus every chance she got.  How often do we even think about Jesus much less talk about Him to other people?

She was so humble and content with whatever life dealt her, even in the hospital and rehab I never heard her complain. How often do I whine because I don't get my way on a daily basis?

I see her life as a challenge to me to step up and become a Christ like example to the younger ones who look up to me as I did her.

Who has challenged you to step up in your life?

At the Sweetheart Banquet 2014

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