Saturday, April 26, 2014

Friday Faves

So last week’s wouldn't post so I am going to double up this week.

     1)      The school I volunteer for had wacky sock day.  I participated!!!!                                                                                 

    2)      I had the most wonderful dinner with a friend I had not seen in a really long time. We both had a really rough day, and we sat there for a couple hours just catching up and venting and reuniting with plans to do it again really soon!
    3)      My friend from the 3rd grade (just saying that makes me feel old!) invited me to a baseball game.  While the home team lost badly, we had a wonderful time!!!

    4)      Last Saturday, I took a widow, who is very dear to my heart, lunch.  We sat and talked for a couple hours. She shared with me some of her hardest times in life and the verses that got  her through those times.  She had me in tears, knowing I haven’t been through nearly as much as she has, and she is still going strong in her faith in the Lord.  That day I received so much hope for my future, that God would be with me no matter what.

    5)      Last Sunday was Easter. I went to the sunrise service at church.  There was so much joy in that place that morning.  I was reminded that without Easter, I would have no grace, mercy, joy or forgiveness.

    6)      Tuesday, I went to my Grandma’s to eat supper. I always love going over there  and just talking with my family.  They are so loving and accepting of me and don’t laugh at my dreams but encourage me to follow them.  

7) Yesterday I got to see my Julie and get coffee.  I get to see this sweet wonderful woman again today so more pictures will be on here next week too!!!!

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