Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

I am a day late this time, but I hope to on Fridays have at least a small list of some of my favorite moments of the week.  I think this will help me to appreciate the small things in life.  Sooo with no further adieu.....
1)  This lady and I went to my first rodeo. It was a junior rodeo and we had a blast even though I got burnt to a crisp!

2) I love this post by Molly at Still Being Molly.  I love the reminder that I am good enough, no matter how much I don't feel good enough.

3) I was lucky enough to get to see all these lovely munchkins this week!!!!

4) My favorite part of the day is sitting down to do my devotions.  It never fails to calm my worries, gives me the encouragement I need, shows me where I need to improve, and just gives me a moment of rest.

5)  This lady is such a wonderful friend. She listens to all my ideas, good or bad. She lets me call her and complain about anything. We have such similar personalities we find it funny and a little strange.  She turned into one of my closest friends almost overnight, and I love her to death!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!!
What are some of your favorite moments of the week?

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