Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Reading

So it is the Christmas season, and I am completely guilty, like everyone else, about getting caught up in the gifts and rush and the business of the season.  The other day I found a pin on Pinterest that was an Advent reading list.  It is a list of verses for everyday leading up to Christmas day.  I find that it makes me stop for just a few minutes and remember the real reason we even have a Christmas season.

 I do have to admit that I only started last night, but I went ahead and read two days worth, and the passages really seemed to go together.

The first day was John 1:1-5. It talks about how Christ is the light of the world and came to save us from the darkness that consumes us.  The fifth verse talks about how He shined in the darkness but the darkness comprehended it not.  If we as Christians make sense to the population who are not Christians then something is wrong.  That light should give us a peace and joy that the world who are in darkness cannot comprehend.  I had never looked at it like that before last night and it just stuck out to me.

The second day was Isaiah 9:2-7. This passage talks about what the Light does when He comes into your life.  He brings joy, relieves burdens of stress, and brings a peace that knows no end.  It also calls Him Wonderful, Counsellor, and the Mighty God, just to name a few of His names.  I know in my life He has done all these things for me and so much more.

The third day is Isaiah 11:1-10, and it is talking about how righteous and fair God is. He will come in and rescue the oppressed that depend on Him for Salvation.  It also talks about how peaceful everything will be after He takes the rescued and redeemed to Heaven.  He paints pictures of lambs lying with lions and children playing with poisonous snakes, all with no fear and no harm.  In a world with so much unrest and confusion today, a world of peace sounds like a dream.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday, and hopefully it will snow soon!

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