Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Have Decided to Follow

My church sang a song Sunday morning.  It is a very simple song but full of implications.  It was "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus."  This song has been on my mind since.  What does it mean to truly follow? AM I truly following Jesus? Do I want to turn back?

Following means that you will do whatever the person you are following does and tells you to do. Jesus loved others. Jesus did not complain. Jesus did not do or say things out of spite. Jesus prayed and immersed Himself in Scripture.  I say I follow Jesus but I have fallen short in all these areas and most of them just last week.  There are days I question God's plan for me. There are days all I do all day is grumble about something.  There are days I do not give Jesus a first thought much less a second thought.  Just typing that sentence makes me feel like a failure at being a Christian.  Jesus also has grace, which I am thankful for that He gives me, but there are days I don't show grace to others.  I hold the wrongs people has done to me against them.  So there are days I follow and there a days I fail.  I really need to be more consistent with following rather than failing.

The last of the song says no turning back.  There are days I want to turn back and not care what happens, but then I realize I am so much more happy following Jesus that I can't imagine myself turning back.  I see the lost of the world and how miserable they are even with all the money and possessions they could imagine.  I don't have much money compared to America's standards and I am  working on getting rid of things I do have, but I am truly happy following Jesus.

Have a great week!

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