Monday, October 13, 2014

Child-like Faith

I have mentioned lately that I am a very independent person, and the drawbacks and positives of that.  For some reason the verse that says "except we come to the Father as a child."  (may not be word for word.)  I have a god-daughter that is two, and several girls that range from ages 8-14 that trust me and consider me one of their favorite people.  It does not matter what I tell them, they trust me and believe me.  My two year old god-daughter runs to me when she is scared (if her parents are not there.) and she trusts me to keep her safe.  She has no doubt that I will take care of her if at all possible.

I wonder if that's the reason God wants us to run to him and have child like faith.  I, as an adult, try to fix all my problems myself, and then when everything falls apart I turn to Him and beg Him to fix it before I have to ask other people to help.

I know I am not the only adult to continue in this cycle of insanity (by Einstein's definition).  God continually tells us in His Word to trust Him and He will take care of His children.  I wonder if He is grieved when we become too independent to need His help.  I know even as an adult I still need my parents and would not know what to do without them.  In some ways, with them, I am still a child.  I seek their approval, guidance, companionship, and love.  And as their child, I don't think that will ever stop.  That is what God is wanting from us, is for us to seek Him and trust Him.

Where have you become independent lately?

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