Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quick Update

This last week has been really hectic but also partly relaxing ( I know that does not make much sense!)

I teach a class at the local community college and I have had to prepare the midterms. Then give them and then grade them and try to figure out why no one studied.

I had a job interview at a restaurant/coffee shop that I absolutely love and would love to work for the owners.

I have been teaching a class at the Y and trying to figure out what I am doing with that.

And then the relaxing part.  My parents were so wonderful to take me on their annual beach trip to see a mud bog. So I spent the weekend with my internet and data turned off and enjoyed the peace.

I have done lots of working out since I started fitness Fridays (mostly walking/running) but keep forgetting to take my measurements.  I am going to make myself a note to take pictures and measurements for this Friday and we will see how it works.  I am also going to meet with a personal trainer at the Y and get started lifting weights to go with my cardio.

I hope you are having a wonderful week!!!!  Now enjoy some pictures from my weekend!


After it flipped twice


She was protesting the selfie


I don't know why I needed to sit on a turtle but I did.
(But I am also the one who had fish for supper, and saw a fish in a tank and said to the fish, "I ate your brother." and creeped everyone out.)


All selfies with mom because daddy refuses to take pictures so I am glad she doesn't protest too much!

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