Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day Seven

Today I am thankful for my apartment.  I recently moved because there was/is some insecurity with my job and I am trying to cut down on bills just in case something does happen.  I moved to a place that saves me over $100 in the total living costs and it has a washer and dryer, something my old place didn't have.   I am really like the area better than the one I was in, and I am closer to more people that I know.  I can't show you pictures of the inside yet because most of it is still a mess from unpacking, but I will get to work on that some tomorrow.  I am really thankful I have a decent place to live. I have seen people who live in houses who roofs leaked, and when they were asked what they would like in a new house it was to have more buckets to catch the leaks.  I have people have to board up their windows because there was no glass in them.  I have also seen people have to live with bars over their windows and doors because of how bad the area was.  I am truly blessed in where I live!

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