Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day Twelve

Today, I am thankful for my pastor and his family.  I really do have a wonderful pastor and had the privilege of him also being my high school principal for several years.  He is wise and tries to do right by everyone.  He is human so he doesn't always succeed, but none of us do.  My pastor's wife also works in the school, and she recently has been someone wonderful for me talk to about different situations.  I am really close to all three of their children (who aren't really children anymore) and Brittany has also become a close friend of mine.  I have been in churches where the pastor was only there for a paycheck but this is not the case with my pastor.  They are very involved with the youth of the church which has helped me tremendously through the years.  Thank you Lord for allowing me to know the Shepherd family!

From left to right: Ms. Janice, Brittany, Emily (my sis in law), Curt (the shorter one in front), Kyle (my brother), Benjamin, and Mr. Shepherd

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