Monday, September 30, 2013

Dealing with hurt

I have been hurt several times in life just like every one else has.  When I get hurt, I don't deal with it. I just bottle it up and it turns into bitterness and I explode on the people that I love. I also tend to shut people out and turn away from God and my devotions.

 Normally when I get hurt, it's because of s guy.  When it is a guy, I immediately look for a new guy or turn to an ex and try to get things started with them again.

This time I'm hurting I want to deal with it the right way. I am tired of going through this cycle of being hurt more because I didn't deal with the original problem.

So I have been looking up Scriptures to help, and the first one I found is Psalm 27. It talks about how God is my strong tower and how I should wait on Him to fulfill my needs and desires and be patient(which has never been my best quality anyway).

I have also decided that I'm not going to be looking for a new guy.  I am going to wait in God, and if He sends me a guy,  I will be grateful and if not, I will continue to to work on me and getting prepared for when the right one does come along.

                                             Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

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