Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Does Anybody Hear?

I love this song and the reminder it gives. I think as Christians, we often don't see the people hurting around us. I think people generally get caught up with their own problems and ignore the ones who are getting ready to ruin their lives in some way.  

Christians also have a tendency to feel like they are better than the people in the world because we keep ourselves to certain standards and we go to church and we are saved and we have no reason to worry about where we will spend eternity, but Christ has called us to witness and minister to the lost. But it is impossible to minister to them if we don't see them around us.

And by seeing them, I don't mean looking down on them. I mean seeing them with the compassion that Christ showed the woman at the well and countless others.  I read a quote that said, "We should never look down on someone unless we are reaching down to help them up."

Let us show the compassion of Christ today and have a wonderful day!

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