Thursday, October 24, 2013


We are having revival this week at church, so it has made it a very busy week. My pastor made the statement that "Revival is a state of living, not an event."  I have been thinking about this statement since he made it.   The dictionary says revival is renewed attention to or interest in something. We should live everyday with a renewed interest in God and His Word and what He wants for us that day. I know this is hard because "Life is a cycle of remembering and forgetting." (Ted Dekker, If you have never read anything by him, I completely recommend him.)  And sometimes we go through several cycles of forgetting and remembering in a day.  I know my brain won't quit worrying about certain situations. I will pray about them and then five minutes later I am worrying about them again. I am particularly bad to do this money. And then I have to remind myself that I turned it over to God and with His help everything will be ok.

So that is the deep thought for this morning.

Last night I get to church early, and I was eating supper in the car and my sweet friend Kaitlyn and her husband pull up and she wants some of my macaroni and we couldn't quite reach. 

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