Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Like to Move It

So, I am moving again. This will be the third time in two years. I am really ready to get settled somewhere, but moving that many times means I am becoming a pro. Well, this time I have Pinterest to help me even more. I have spent all my free time at work on Pinterest looking at moving and packing tips and when I get tired of those, I look at ways to rearrange furniture and decorate.

I have all the furniture I need, so I don't really have to buy anything new for this place so that will help. I am going through everything this week and be getting rid of a lot of  stuff I don't need or use anymore.

I have had so many offers to help me that I have actually had to turn down help! I am really blessed with amazing family and friends!!!

So every free evening this week will include: Trans-Siberian Orchestra or Disney music at full blast (don't judge! it's how I work best), multiple trips to Goodwill or friend's house with things I don't need (I give her things, she gives me diaper boxes to pack in. It's a beautiful relationship.), and lots of boxes and cleaning.

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!

P.S.  Just in case you are interested you check out my Pinterest here.

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